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- personal driver
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personal driver

Personal driver

Work of a personal driver implies the knowledge of the organization of movement in Moscow. Such candidates have a Moscow residence. Each applicant has a great experience of work on personal work-book and a positive recommendations.

Personal driver - a driver who will be assigned only to You or for specific person.
Work of a personal driver includes:

  • experience of work with the leaders and top executives of the companies;
  • experience on any car of a representation class (plug and play);
  • knowledge of traffic and fluency gadgets-navigators;
  • irregular working hours;
  • dress code (suit-tie);
  • different styles of driving;
  • driving paired with the car accompaniment;
  • functions of a security guard.

Personal driver - selected for You strictly according to your application. All applicants know the ethical behaviour at work, respect for privacy.

Work of a personal driver relies on wages in the amount of:

a) by car employer - from 50.000руб, it depends on the schedule of work and employment.

b) personal car (car economy class, not older than 3 years) - from 60.000руб + fuel per month

c) on the personal car (car business class (nissan, toyota, not older than 3 years) - from 70.000руб+fuel per month.

Advice on the selection of personal drivers can be obtained by t 8495 657-88-85.

You can discuss with us irregular work schedules and non-standard wages of a personal driver.


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